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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Can Money just simply vanish within deals ????

One day 3 friends went to market to buy a pair of shoes, they entered a shoe show room, selected the shoe that they wanted to buy. The shoe had the tag of Rs. 60. Each friend contributed Rs. 20 and payed the amount  at counter and left the shop.

After a while the owner of shop came to know that the price tag was wrong, infact that pair costed only Rs. 50. so he asked one of his employe to return Rs. 10 to those guys. The employee was not an honest man and he returned only Rs. 6 to the buyers and kept Rs. 4 with himself. Now here is some analysis for you to make..
Three friends payed amount to start with         = 60  (Rs. 50 kept by the shopt keeper, Rs. 6 returned to buyers and Rs. 4 kept by the shop employee.)
Since 3 friends payed Rs. 60 to start with so Cost per person            = 60/3 = Rs. 20. and then they got Rs. 6 back from the employee meaning Rs. 2 per head so the new cost per head would be 20- 2 = 18. Now take a look of the break up
18 Õ 3 = 54 payed by three friends, Rs. 4 kept by the employee.  Meaning 54+4= Rs. 58. so who is keeping Rs. 2 from the initial amount of Rs. 60.
Tried this screensaver. Amazing.

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