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Saturday, June 24, 2006


Last week i saw the documentary named, loose control. it strengthened my long standing feelings that its beyond the strength of Al-Qaede to plan and execute such a big plan. Because accepting that US security is that flawed that it is possible to hijack four planes at the same time and then sucessfully make them hit twin tours and pentagon with so much accuracy of time, one after another always seemed mind boggling to me. having these questions when i saw this documentary the said feeling is just short of turning into firm belief that it was not what it just looked at its apparent face value and i doubt that information regarding this operation would be de-classified in the near future by US government. just if you are also curious to watch this documentary, its available for download at the question 911 website. the links for the download of both parts, about 46 Mb each are as follows.


Alternatively check these google videos for

9/11 the great illusion (Part 1)
9/11 the great illusion (Part 2)


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